As a Beacon of Hope

Day 2 – Gamo, Miyagi Prefecture. 14322744_10153747568556360_7016580602982407199_nGamo Community Centre was supposed to be an evacuation area, but is only a single-storey building, and the tsunami flooded the space up to the top of the door frames. From the flat outdoor roof of the Community Centre, we can see many surrounding houses which were rebuilt by Samaritan’s Purse. Pray for the people who own these houses, and who experienced the love of Jesus in a really practical way by this organization.

RS15393_JP13-656.jpgMany, many people who lived in this community have moved away and it is mostly only older people who have returned once their houses were able to be lived in. There was a church in this area, but it got washed away and was rebuilt far away. The people who attended that church also moved further inland.

May the witness of Sendai Evangelical Christ Church choosing to buy a building in this community and start a new church meeting place (Gamo Mission Station) really stand out to people as a beacon of hope. God has not forgotten them. God cares about them. They needn’t feel like they are just meaninglessly living out their remaining days on Earth. God instills incredible meaning in life.

14355090_10153747535866360_3897753028841139052_nGamo Mission Station has a van and they drive around and pick up people who would like to be able to come to the activities that they run at the Gamo Mission Station but lack the mobility to get there.

Pray for a person of peace, who is well-connected in the community, to come to trust in Jesus and share the difference he makes.

Written by Naomi H.


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