The Kingdom of God is like… A strawberry plant.

Day 1 – Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture.

The Kingdom of God is like… A strawberry plant.2016-edited-ichigo-dendou-omf-prayer-drive-1-of-1That’s the vision of Yonezawa church.  You see, strawberry plants send out their feeler vines in search of new fertile ground to make new roots and extend the plant before the plant has produced fruit. In the same way churches should be thinking and planning for multiplication before they look ‘fruitful’.

14241589_1079886088732330_8028776300465249594_oIn the same way, Yonezawa church aims to start new gatherings of believers who from the very beginning have a mindset of passing on the grace they’ve received onto the churches that they will one day start. Ongoing organic gospel growth to the glory of God: that’s their prayer. And now it’s our pray. Will you make it yours?

Written by Levi.


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