Maturity in Him

14231922_1081368035250802_3856647354982916369_o.jpgWhen should we feel like we’ve “made it” as a church? When we have a building? Or a local pastor instead of relying on missionaries? Or no disagreements? When we all actively use our different gifts for the united goal of glorifying God and making him known? When we all humbly recognize our own sinfulness but strive to live lives shaped by the Bible? When we are encouraging one another in these things?

14324177_1081367518584187_4675187959798998654_oAt Izumi Parktown Christ Church, I was encouraged by how God has sustained this little church through ups and downs, through steps forward and then also through continued progress forward after apparent steps back. It was great to hear of someone who volunteered to use their gifts to serve the church rather than considering that as a task that only the missionary could do. It was great to hear how a local kindergarten showed favor to them, allowing them to meet in their building over many years, allowing them to buy a pastor’s home and next-door building for office space/midweek meetings. It was great to hear how the community considered Christianity in a positive light, and that the local kindergarten had a Christian basis.

14305196_1081368301917442_4986812921482451615_oWe prayed that the Bible continues to be foundational in their teaching, for people to not just approve of Christianity but recognize its relevance to them and embrace salvation offered through Christ for themselves, and for the church to keep growing deeper roots in Christ, having a steadfast maturity in Him.

Written by Naomi H.


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