Today’s students, Tomorrow’s leaders

Day 2 – Tohoku University, Miyagi Prefecture

In responding to the needs among university students and faculty members after the great east Japan earthquake, OMF Japan field began “Sendai Student Focus (SSF)” ministry in 2014. The vision of this ministry is “to see discipled university graduates and staff making an impact for God’s kingdom in Tohoku, Japan, and the world.”

14358792_10153747586346360_2841168537501373251_nOur OMF prayer drive team arrived at Tohoku University to pray together with pastor Kimura of Grace Centre Church Sendai and some church members for students and faculty members and for those who work at the university. Tohoku University ranks No 9 in Japan, draws its 18,000 students from across Japan and the world. Tohoku Gakuin University (11569 students) attracts more students from within the Tohoku region. Other students are in smaller universities and colleges scattered throughout the city, totaling around 80,000 young people in higher education.

14364831_10153747600856360_6877033073173758676_nWhy student?

This is the precious years that allow them more time and freedom to think, and can receive without obligation in a way that will not happen in the working world. God’s grace is a free – generous provision of forgiveness, salvation and a living, eternal relationship with Him.

14264016_10153747568796360_492809386863344945_nPlease pray for the SSF team to grow and be fruitful in leading students to Christ, and nurturing them together with local churches and Christians.

Pray for the salvation of students and faculty members and growing in Christ.

Pray for other churches to encourage one another in prayer and actively welcoming and sharing the gospel with university connected people.

Pray for the blessing and strengthening of Christian students’ witness.

Written by Wat Ho.


One thought on “Today’s students, Tomorrow’s leaders

  1. Reblogged this on Ateamjapan and commented:
    I saw this post from OMF Japan Tohoku (the north eastern area of Japan effected by the 3.11 tsunami). So much of it resonated with what we are doing in Sapporo that I thought I would let you know about it too.


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