Cafe Next Door

14324281_1083579181696354_3068684991752086276_oAs an Asian missionary growing up in a non-Christian family, I have come to notice that many non-Christians aren’t willing to enter a church.

14372087_1082229028498036_3851784340207175896_oNon-Christians will go to supermarkets, shops or cafes but very rarely will they go to church.
I have been to many churches in many Asian countries in the past for mission work. I saw that some missionaries open cafe or hand-made craft shops in an attempt to attract non-Christians to come and to get to know them.

14380128_1083579178363021_7933240405027588535_oIn Aomori prefecture, Itayanagi Chapel has been running a cafe next to the church. Missionaries have been doing workshops and cooking classes to try to get to know local people in the area and eventually hope to invite these contacts to church events, so that those people will have the chance to listen to the gospel.

14362671_1083579988362940_5872444362708580846_oCould you pray for more Christians to have a heart to do business for Christ in Japan?

Written by Minnie.


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