History of Aomori Christian Center

14352049_1082231335164472_2715385970816692288_oAomori Christian Center (ACC) began in 1956 as a Bible Camp near Aomori City on the coast of Aomori Bay. In the 1960s the present Center was first built with several additions and modifications made through the years. For nearly 50 years, this center has served well as a location for special events and camps, also as a facility for local churches to use and as such it is held dear in the memory of the many Christians aided on their walk and in their work by ACC.14379759_1082852681769004_8396460321818832757_o


14324177_1082231361831136_4586350210841161634_oHowever, times have changed, Japanese society has changed and the local church has changed. The old building is unable to meet modern regulations and the needs of the local church and Aomori Christians are in need of a new, updated Center.
OMF Missionaries Luke and Yuko have taken on the challenge of managing and developing ACCs facilities and ministries.

14258201_1082232121831060_4182680250944577824_oGive thanks with us for the legacy of Aomori Christian Center. But please pray for the work that Luke and Yuko are involved in, particularly that the Lord will provide every resource required for the task ahead.

Written by John.


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