Meet Pastor K.

14361284_10153747666051360_1131739523229209904_oPastor K first came to Sendai after the 2011 disaster as part of the relief effort bringing food and supplies to those who were in need. But as he worked he realised that the church has something more to bring to those who need it – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, sent by the Presbyterian Church in Japan to start the first Presbyterian church in Tohoku, he is the pastor of Sendai Grace Center with a vision to be the starting point of many new churches in the region.

14258198_10153747708976360_4977984736198958828_oWhile his passion brought him and his family to Sendai, it was not without some reservation. Leaving Tokyo to move to a new place that was still suffering from a major disaster was no small task. Having no other Presbyterian churches nearby to support them and with a young son made it seem a very lonely task.

14324216_1080730098647929_3302267908850777806_oBut the Lord has provided for the him and his family. God has given them a strong home church to support and care for them well. He has also given them others to partner with in Sendai, including the Meas family, OMFers with a similar passion to reach out to the students of Sendai through Sendai Student Focus.

14361367_1080730211981251_7377606843957235579_oPartnerships like these help to enable missionaries and pastors to reach out together, to bring together like minded ministries and demonstrate the love and harmony of the gospel while bringing it to those who need to hear it.

Pray for Grace Centre Church, Sendai Student Focus and others partnering together in student ministry.

Written by John.



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