Tsugaru Gospel Church, Aomori

14311202_1083579905029615_1227301603304633689_oThe year was 1991. After looking at over 120 buildings in 2 towns with no church, God led to the purchase of a former bank warehouse in Itayanagi Town, Aomori. God miraculously provided the financial needs and helpers to renovate.

rs14683_jp13-465Over the years 50 people have been baptised and thousands have heard the gospel through English classes, gospels tracts, evangelistic parties, Christmas visits to the nursery schools and seniors’ homes etc…

14379714_1082878531766419_5697977902074093865_oThe first time Mr. H stepped into a church was for a english class that the missionaries ran. Mr. H was a fearful man because he believed that past failures brought bad luck. Due to his fears, he bought many “Omamori” – Japanese amulets, to help protect himself.

RS14605_JP13-387.jpgThough the Bible story time in the English classes, he came to know Christ. He came to trust God for his protection and ask for forgiveness for his past.God radically transformed his life and gave him a christian wife. Together they apple farm and he is an elder at Tsugaru Gospel Church which in 2013 the church called their first pastor.

14324281_1083579181696354_3068684991752086276_o-2Please pray for people like Mr H. who through different events and encounters with the church will  be transformed by Christ. Also pray that God will continue to provided church buildings in Tohoku, that they may be able to fasilitate seekers as well as the body of Christ.

Written by Ruth.





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