Introducing Tohoku OMFers

14361277_1082453081808964_7762245187280639118_oIt has been our great delight to hear people praying around the world as we shared stories and prayer points from our Tohoku Prayer Drive for the past month. We greatly appreciate partnering with you in building His kingdom in Tohoku, Japan.

14324216_10153747685461360_2380257951962781889_oFor the next series of posts, we would like to introduce you to our current Tohoku OMF missionaries. Although these post will be a brief get-to-know-your-missionaries, we hope it’ll help you understand more of what we do here in Tohoku, Japan.

 Not all are Tohoku OMFers in this photo, but many are. 

Some questions they will be answering … Who they are, what kinds of ministries have they been involved in in Japan, blessings and prayer points, and what they like about Japan etc… Hope that this will help you get to know a little more about our Tohoku OMFers!


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