Meet the Langhans

wd-langhans5Perhaps the longest serving OMF missionaries on the Japan field, Wolfgang and Dorothea Langhans first came to Japan from Germany 36 years ago, December 1980. After language study in Sapporo, Hokkaido for two years,  they were in Hanakawa (north of Sapporo) involved in  planting Wakaba Church until the end of their second term. Which then became independent with their own building and a pastor. In their third term they were asked to church plant in Otaru. During that term they took over the responsibility for the OMF Hokkaido missionaries as Hokkaido Regional Director. In 2002 they became the Field Director for OMF Japan, moved to Ichikawa, Chiba near Tokyo and led the work for 10 years. Now in their last term they are involved with planting a new church in Hanamaki, Iwate.

DSC_6754a[10].jpgWolfgang and Dorothea Langhans married in July 1977. With the two of their children born in Sapporo, they have three sons and a daughter. Now all four are married (one to a Swiss, one to a Dutch, one to a German and the daughter married a man from England), they have 10 grandchildren.

DSC05266[12].jpgA few blessings and prayer points would be… that they are thankful for lots of contacts they are making with people in Hanamaki, Iwate through personal meetings in shops or on the street, which then lead to cooking, English and German classes. Children and some of their mothers who have been coming to children events have also been to church which is a great blessing.

14362573_1081369141917358_3537202191798314379_oOne of the prayer points for the coming year is that they will have good team work as their missionary team grows again over the coming months. The Gelsthorpses from England will join with their three children after completing language school in Sapporo,the Laus will return from home assignment in January.

2016-omf-prayer-drive-day4-3-of-179Secondly, they would like more children to come to “Sunday Kids”, the Sunday School program during Sunday mornings. At the moment only one boy comes regularly.

Lastly, they pray for people from the different classes (cooking and language) to start becoming interested in the Gospel and join the church.

And what do they like about Japan? Friendliness of the Japanese people, tidiness and punctuality!

For more of the Langhans current ministry, please visit Hanamaki Megumi Christ Church .


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