Meet the Thomases

thomas-blog-photo-1-of-4Rod and Glenda Thomas are energetic and enthusiastic church planters  who are currently serving in Sendai, Miyagi. In addition to leading the Sendai Evangelical Christian Church. after the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami, they have been involved in ministry to many people who have been living in temporary housing.

thomas-blog-photo-4-of-4Rod, from England and Glenda, a missionary kid from South Africa, have four adult children, Amy, Andrew, Esther and Christine. Glenda first came to Japan in 1982, and Rod in 1987. Since then they have been church planting in Hachinohe, Tokyo and Sendai.

thomas-blog-photo-2-of-4Some recent blessings are restoration of one backslider, healing of one mentally ill believer, two conversions and baptisms.

14289864_1080731875314418_962633637805751929_oThree main things to pray for in the coming year are four more baptisms, provision of land and building for Sendai Evangelical Christian Church, and for two men to enter the ministry from congregation.


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