Meet Shirley

shirley-blog-post-photo-v5With colored paper, felt, and a sewing  machine, Shirley’s Monday began. Shirley was meeting with a lady from church to make some costumes, not for halloween, but for a Thanksgiving play they were performing next month.

shirley-blog-post-photo-veShirley came to Japan from Sydney, Australia in 2012 till 2015 as she did language study and one year of church planting in Sapporo, Hokkaido. A year back in Australia, and now with her love for theater and music, serving in an OMF church plant, Hirosaki Nozomi Church in Hirosaki, Aomori.

shirley-blog-post-v4Some blessings and thanks over the past year…  Shirley was able to spend last year with her family back in Australia as her dad battled through cancer. The abundant grace and provision her family has been experiencing since the passing of her father. And the privilege to return to Japan to serve the Japanese people She’s come to love with like-minded people.

shirley-blog-post-photo-v1Three things to pray for in the coming year …  Pray for continual transformation in character and an increased reliance on God through prayers. Pray that God’s presence will be evident in her life so much so that people she interact with will be drawn to God. And please pray for God’s continual provision and guidance for Shirley’s family back in Australia.

rs15036_jp13-753-scrWhat does Shirley like about Japan? It’s clean. The beauty in nature and the attention to detail and beauty.


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