Meet the Meas

v2-meas-blog-photo-1-of-1With two boys, Joseph and Yoshiya, the Meas, Ho and Laura-Jane, currently live in Sendai, Miyagi. Ho is sent from OMF UK/Ireland but is originally from Cambodia. Laura-Jane is from Northern Ireland and together they serve in a ministry called Sendai Student Focus (SSF) in Miyagi prefecture.

14352066_1083609518359987_5963120572212398057_oHo first came to Japan in April 2002, and Laura-Jane in December 2001. Ho completed his PhD in Hokkaido University, and was an active member of Sapporo International Church, helping Laura-Jane and other missionaries who were serving there with student outreach, international student support, translation, and general outreach. From September 2009 to December 2013, they lived in Ireland while Ho went to Irish Baptist College.

14305485_1080729085314697_2804300324447715904_o.jpgBlessings over the past year… Joy of working with Japanese pastor and being in a mixed Japanese and missionary team. Seeing young people believe and grow in Christ. Welcoming their first team member (short term worker) and seeing God multiply opportunities already through her being here. Prospect of welcoming two long-term colleagues in 2017. Thanks that another church is ready to partner with OMF/Sendai Student Focus, and that there are other potential partner churches if they have workers.

14258354_1081369025250703_1873937335587370434_oThree main things to pray for in the coming year… New team members, ideally a married couple / family and single man/men with heart for outreach to young people especially in the university/college world. The Meas would like to see a team securely in place when their Home Assignment time comes. Saving faith for young people who come regularly to a Friday night student / young adults’ meeting in their home. God’s protecting hand on Grace Centre Church Sendai, empowering them to disciple, build up and send out young people in Christ’s name.


And what do the Meas like about Japan?  Hot spring baths, sushi, soba noodles, matcha and zunda mocha. Trains and the transportations. High-tech toilets,  kind service and values of respect, politeness and consideration for others, to mention some.

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