Meet the Ghents

14206048_1074233235964282_1233931179791380787_oMartin Ghent grew up in a dairy farm in a small town called Mount Forest, just outside of Toronto area. Ruth Mae moved around as a child on the east coast of America, and at New Brunswick Bible Institute the two met.

10363388_10152351708767721_4999392743307545989_nIn 1986, they left their home countries for language school in Hokkaido, Japan. After they graduated from Japanese language school, they lived and worked in Tobetsu Church in Hokkaido. Then to Honshu where they cooperated with Goshogawara church in Goshogawara, Ajigasawa and Itayanagi. While raising four children, they planted Itayanagi church (Now, Tsugaru Gospel Church) and had responsibility for Kanagi Chapel as well. They are presently living and working in South Hirosaki planting Hirosaki Nozomi Christ Church.

14195379_1074232095964396_4418621894150069172_oTheir four children are all adults now. Bethany and Roy Wu in Australia, Micah Ghent, Pastor of Tsugaru Gospel Church, Aaron Ghent, Missionary with OMF preparing to work with Japanese Youth. And their youngest, Naomi Ghent, just started working as OMF Tohoku Media and Admin.

14372319_1083608195026786_4982394062914756470_oThey are thankful to have welcomed many many short term workers to help with building and programs at their new church plant in Hirosaki. It has been a great joy that two long term seekers followed through with baptism and that there are new seekers. It is also encouraging that there are many new people coming to English classes and events having heard of the church by word of mouth.

11083758_797997200254555_6095833599009172711_o.jpgThree main things to pray for in the coming year are…  Please pray for many of the new people who come to church events to start seriously seeking Christ. Please pray for daily wisdom in relationships with church people so that they will be knit together into a body and wisdom in directing short term workers. Please pray for provision of materials to build the church.

525036_10151264780342721_115963350_nWhat do they like about Japan? They love Onsens (Japanese hot springs) and exploring many beautiful places in Japan.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Ghents

  1. Congratulations and many thanks for this new blog. It is real joy and encouragement to read these reports about the work in Tohoku and your missionaries many of them we have had the priviledge to have met personally. Big help in prayer! Thankyou and God bless you. MARTIN BAUMGARTNER


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