2016-osawa-onsen-68-of-73Snow will arrive soon in Tohoku. Last week I drove several hours through the mountains to an OMF Tohoku member’s meeting in Iwate. It is breathtaking. To come out of a dark tunnel to a world filled with red, yellow, and orange was like a blank coloring sheet painted in a split second. Suddenly the colors were there, right in front of you. If I wasn’t driving, I would have photos to show you.

2016-fall-colors-12-of-15In Japan, we have a tradition in autumn called momijigari, a time when we visit areas where leaves have changed color. This is a reflection of the Japanese love of seasonal changes.

2016-fall-colors-1-of-15Momijigari has been a tradition in Japan since at least the 1200s. Some say that momijigari started off as a noble’s pastime—going to the mountains, playing music, and composing poetry while enjoying the fall colors. From the 1600s, this custom spread among the common people.

2016-fall-colors-6-of-15Although leaves are starting to fall in Tohoku, may their beautiful colors point to the master creator, Jesus Christ.

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