OMF Tohoku Fall Gathering

One Body2016 Fall OMF Tohoku Members mtg (17 of 66).jpg

Currently OMF has 130 missionaries in Japan, 27 are in the Tohoku Region. That may sound like a lot, but Tohoku is a large area and teams are anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours away from each other. Distance as well as ministry commitments make it difficult to gather together as a body. Even so, twice a year the OMF Tohoku Sector gathers together to worship, pray, encourage, and unite. Thursday, Nov. 3rd, was such a day.


One Spirit2016-fall-omf-tohoku-members-mtg-38-of-662016-fall-omf-tohoku-members-mtg-29-of-662016-fall-omf-tohoku-members-mtg-39-of-66

This was my first opportunity to meet all the members of the OMF Tohoku Team because I only arrived in Tohoku on Oct. 1st. We had a chance to share our testimonies—what had led us to God, to Japan, and to our specific ministries. After this we prayed for each other. Through sharing and praying, we were no longer just united in one place, but in spirit as well.


One Lord, One faith, One baptism; One God2016-fall-omf-tohoku-members-mtg-25-of-66

Besides reuniting us in body and in spirit, the gathering united us in our mission. Through the sharing of the coming year’s plans and expectations the Sector Leader ensured that we were all on the same page so that we left the conference as a united front ready to continue God’s Kingdom work here in Japan.


One Hope2016 Fall OMF Tohoku Members mtg (55 of 66).jpg

We left the meeting united as one family in serving the one and only true God with the same calling and mission: to bring the one true hope to the people of Japan. We are praying and hoping for more missionaries to Japan (200 by the year 2020), for more missionaries to Tohoku, and most of all for more Japanese Christians. Please join us in that prayer and hope.

Written by Brittney




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