An Opportunity to Influence

A Japanese Bible used in the Hiragishi Izumi Church in Sapporo.There are many ways that we can reach out to university students for Christ. I believe that one way is to have a teaching role at a university. Students have more time and freedom to learn and explore many things. It is a crucial time for them. I, myself became Christian in my second year in a university in Cambodia.

RS14777_JP13-704.jpgAs we seek to reach out to university students and faculty members in Sendai, I am thankful I am able to have a part-time teaching role at two universities. I appreciate the opportunity to interact with my students and often pray for them before and after class. According to university rules, I am not allowed to directly share the good news of Jesus with them at my class, but I believe God gives me the opportunity to influence them.

2016-fall-omf-tohoku-members-mtg-13-of-66They sometimes ask me for my opinion, as I’m their teacher. I tell them I am Christian, so my view would come from my Biblical beliefs. One time, a student in one of my classes asked me about “adultery”, I answered that “the Bible teaches us that it is wrong and sinful. The Bible teaches us that one husband and one wife are to love each other for lifetime.” On another occasion, a topic for a group discussion happened to be about a famous love message that they knew and experienced. Each student shared one and they also asked me what famous love message I knew. This gave me an opening to share from John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Students study in between classes at her university.I am thankful for the chance to understand the lifestyle of university students in Japan and their struggles. I may not be allowed to directly share the good news of Jesus with them, but I am given the opportunity to influence them and hope that it would eventually point them to Christ.

Written by Wat Ho.


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