Rural connections

RS15391_JP13-654.jpg“Oh! You know Mrs K?” were the words that made all the difference. The staff at the community centre had been reluctant to allow a religious group to use their facility for a Christmas event, but everything changed when they discovered our connection to Mrs K. The local kindergarten principal and a key member of the local community, Mrs K is also a pupil of our church’s Tuesday evening English class. It was her influence that had connected us with two kindergartens in neighbouring towns, and again it was her influence that would allow us to reserve community centres in each of those towns for outreach events.

2016 Rural Japan (1 of 1).jpgKnowing the right people is important in Japan, but even more so in the small, tight-knit rural communities that we serve with Tsugaru Gospel Church.

2016 Kanagi Chapel John Emily Interview  (65 of 95).jpgPray that the Lord will provide connections to key community members. Give thanks for the connections that he has made for us already. Please pray too that Mrs K will make the most essential connection of all!

Written by John.



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