Parenting Class

2016 Kid's Chopsticks (6 of 13).jpg“Your son can use chopsticks better than some Japanese kids—you must be a good mother. Please come speak about parenting at PTA.” I did not mention that my son figured chopsticks out by himself, but I did tell the PTA ladies about some principles from the Bible that guided my day to day parenting. Later on, a church member found the notes for the PTA that had fallen out of my Bible. She said, “I will invite the other moms I know if you will teach parenting classes.”

RS8185_JP061-0116.jpgDuring the classes tearful confessions of frustration with husbands and children spill out. Later came stories of joy as they applied principles I taught: “I thought I could at least start with just listening to my husband for the first hour after he comes home from work and our home has changed so much!” “I love the prayers you start our classes with! I’ve never heard prayers that you just talk to God naturally!” “If I knew God it would take so much pressure off—I could think that he would help my children.” “I have a hard time apologizing to my child but, if I could pray, I think I could say it to God.”

2016 Christmas Tree (1 of 1).jpgMy own father met Jesus through his struggle to raise “good” children which resulted in me meeting Jesus—the best gift a parent could ever give! We are praying that these mums will personally meet Jesus too and that they will introduce him to their families.

Written by Ruth Mae.


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