House Hunting

“We are very sorry to inform you, but the owner of the house has turned you down because you are a religious organization. But we will keep looking for a house for you.”Another discouraging phone call from the real estate agent. We desperately needed a house for the new missionary family that would join us here in Hanamaki after completing their language study in Sapporo. We’d just been turned down for the third time.Prayer partners in the home countries were informed, church people prayed and searched, and we had a day of prayer especially for a house for our new coworkers.

14362458_1081369118584027_5133451179314165070_oAt times OMFers have had to wait months until a suitable place with a house owner willing to rent turned up. How long would we have to wait?

RS8370_JP061-0502.jpgThen another house turned up six weeks later, in the right location! We immediately applied for it.“The owner is considering . . . please wait a few days!”Days passed, we prayed . . . then the phone call came,“The owner has given his okay. Your friends can move into the house in December.”

Praise the Lord! It is His ministry we are involved in and in His time he opens the doors.

Written by Wolfgang.


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