Pie Party

2016 Fall Pie Buffet (52 of 80).jpg“Do you think you can bake for a ‘pie party’?” asked my husband.

2016-fall-pie-buffet-57-of-80“Sure.” After he handed out several ads, I saw that he had written there would be 10 types of pie!! Apple, pear, plum,pumpkin, blueberry,chocolate cream,lemon meringue,shoo fly,bacon onion quiche, chicken pie. That was the first menu!

2016-fall-pie-buffet-69-of-80It sparked Hope’s interest. The mid-twenty-year-old entered a church building for the first time. She not only enjoyed the pies, she began studying the Bible with me. And she met Jesus.

14352262_1083579185029687_5645733606025988069_oTogether we started “Cafe Iris/Lighthouse Books”—the only Christian book store in our prefecture, Aomori. Through the café/book ministry several people have met Jesus, one of whom she married.

2016-fall-pie-buffet-78-of-80Now we have pie buffets twice a year. The repertoire is ever increasing: pecan, maple walnut, cherry berry, orange almond, coconut cream, persimmon cheese, crab tomato quiche, mushroom quiche, shepherd’s pie, or whatever I am inspired at the time to make. But the purpose never changes. We long for others to meet Jesus like Hope did so they too can walk their lives with Him

Written by Ruth Mae


4 thoughts on “Pie Party

    1. It is an old recipe that uses molasses. It was prevalent on the East Coast of the US. It was called ”Shoo-Fly” because being a sweet pie meant that flies had to be “shooed” away.

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