Meet the Laus

The Laus are back from thier home assignment, and we would like to introduce this lovely family to you!

lau-family-2015-04b0Daniel, Joylyn Lau and their two daughters, Grace and Faith are from Singapore. Daniel and Joy were childhood friends from Sunday school, but they only started dating after graduating from university. Daniel likes anime and soccer. Joy, on the other hand, likes to watch romance movies. In Singapore Daniel worked as a civil engineer and Joy a social worker.

RS14673_JP13-455-scr.jpgGrowing up in Sunday school, they always had the impression that the mission field was only in undeveloped countries. However, they were introduced to missions in Japan when we went on a vision trip in 2004, soon after they were married. That was when they learned about the urgent spiritual needs of the Japanese people. That vision trip led them to develop a burden for the Japanese people and sense God’s call to overseas cross-cultural missions.

RS14481_JP13-44-scr.jpgAfter a period of prayer, they then started their missionary journey as OMF associate missionaries in Tokyo from 2007 to 2009. After a two-year stint, they returned to Singapore, studied in Bible school, and served in their home church for a couple of years before returning to Japan as full missionaries in October 2013.From 2007 to 2009, they served in the Kanto House Church Network, and from 2014 onwards at Hanamaki, Iwate.

14352627_1081368548584084_7102899520461237197_o-2Some blessings are:

  • being able to serve in a church plant setting,
  • their children settling fairly well into the Japanese kindergarten, and
  • a tiring but fruitful five months of home assignment in Singapore.

Three prayer request they have are:

  • good adjustment for the family coming back from home assignment,
  • great working relationship with the new Hanamaki team, and
  • opportunities, wisdom, and courage for them to reach out to more people in Hanamaki.

2016-osawa-onsen-71-of-73The Laus both love the Japanese countryside, autumn foilage, and trips to the local onsen.


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