Meet Brittney

2017-intro-to-brittney-blog-post-1-of-8Meet Brittney Carlson. She is from the Washington, D.C. area of the United States, and grew up living and working between the states of Virginia and Maryland. Her hobbies are listening to music, hanging out with friends, and trying out new restaurants and cafes. She especially loves to experience and learn different languages and cultures through traveling and volunteering.

2017 Intro to Brittney Blog Post  (1 of 1).jpgHer travels deepened her love for Japan. The high school she attended had a Japanese sister school, so every spring students would come to visit. After making her first Japanese friends and then traveling Japan for the first time, she was hooked. She loved Japan, especially its traditional aspects: tatami mats, kimonos, green tea, miso soup, sushi, outdoor hot springs, and cherry blossoms. Japan was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Grace Christian Fellowship in Ome, Japan

This summer marked twenty years since Brittney’s first visit to Japan. Since then she has visited Japan four more times, spending over four years here in total. She has experienced Japan as a high school student, college student, and young adult from the perspectives of a tourist, student, teacher, tent maker, and relief worker. Now she returns for the fifth time, this time as a full-time Associate missionary with OMF. She’s experienced living with both Buddhist and Christian host families and has built a circle of Christians and non-Christian Japanese friends here.

2017-intro-to-brittney-blog-post-1-of-1-2After completing two months of language training in Sapporo, she moved to her first place of ministry––Aomori City.

2017-intro-to-brittney-blog-post-4-of-8Blessings over the past year have been:

  • Finally returning long-time to Japan after trying for twelve years.
  • Meeting and developing great friendships with fellow missionaries during her time in Singapore and Sapporo.
  • Having a wonderful pastor, church board, and church at Aomori Evangelical Church.

2017 Intro to Brittney Blog Post  (1 of 1)-3.jpgPrayer requests for the coming year:

  • Pray for the church in their outreach initiatives. Pray that the church board and members persevere through the planning and preparation and continue to have joy and desire to reach their community for Christ.
  • As 85% of the church is over the retirement age they have less daily connections and opportunities to interact with people in the community, especially the younger generations. Pray for opportunities, courage, and boldness for the church members to reach out and invite friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to the church events.
  • Pray that the church will grow in numbers and in faith. That the faith of older folk will be rekindled and that younger generations will be drawn to Christ through the church. Pray that the church will become a place of hope, joy, and love for the members and the community as a whole.

2017-intro-to-brittney-blog-post-2-of-8Brittney considers it a blessing to be able to return to the country she loves, to serve God’s church and people here. Thank you for praying for her on this journey.



One thought on “Meet Brittney

  1. I’m so glad you are finding success and happiness on your road to serve God. I know you have been wanting to go back to Japan for a long time. We all miss you very much here in the states, but love how well you are doing and happy you could live your dream again. I miss your FB calls…I’m in and out in the morning with work now, but would welcome a call when you have time.

    Love, Dad.


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