Clumsy Early Days

I was stunned when Sayaka*, who had come to our church BBQ, said she wanted to do a Bible study with me. I was a new missionary and could barely keep up with the Japanese conversations I’d been hearing. My husband looked after our two small children as I left in search for Sayaka’s house that night. … More Clumsy Early Days

Post Language School

We finished language school a year ago with below average Japanese ability and moved down to Tohoku to help with the church planting. But we wondered: Would we really be of much help? When you are still stumbling about in daily conversation it’s hard to imagine how you could lead a game or organise a … More Post Language School

A Meal With Jesus

Thursday 4:30pm It’s ‘Grace Kai’ (open house for students) this evening. We start in three hours! We check our Facebook page: only one reply so far. Did we buy too much food? We do our routine one-on-one messaging. “Great, you’re coming!”  “Oh sorry you can’t make it. Hope you can come next time!” Typically, six … More A Meal With Jesus