Clumsy Early Days

I was stunned when Sayaka*, who had come to our church BBQ, said she wanted to do a Bible study with me. I was a new missionary and could barely keep up with the Japanese conversations I’d been hearing. My husband looked after our two small children as I left in search for Sayaka’s house that night. … More Clumsy Early Days

Meet the Laus

The Laus are back from thier home assignment, and we would like to introduce this lovely family to you! Daniel, Joylyn Lau and their two daughters, Grace and Faith are from Singapore. Daniel and Joy were childhood friends from Sunday school, but they only started dating after graduating from university. Daniel likes anime and soccer. Joy, on … More Meet the Laus

Meet the Ghents

Martin Ghent grew up in a dairy farm in a small town called Mount Forest, just outside of Toronto area. Ruth Mae moved around as a child on the east coast of America, and at New Brunswick Bible Institute the two met. In 1986, they left their home countries for language school in Hokkaido, Japan. After … More Meet the Ghents

Meet the Meas

With two boys, Joseph and Yoshiya, the Meas, Ho and Laura-Jane, currently live in Sendai, Miyagi. Ho is sent from OMF UK/Ireland but is originally from Cambodia. Laura-Jane is from Northern Ireland and together they serve in a ministry called Sendai Student Focus (SSF) in Miyagi prefecture. Ho first came to Japan in April 2002, and … More Meet the Meas

Meet Shirley

With colored paper, felt, and a sewing  machine, Shirley’s Monday began. Shirley was meeting with a lady from church to make some costumes, not for halloween, but for a Thanksgiving play they were performing next month. Shirley came to Japan from Sydney, Australia in 2012 till 2015 as she did language study and one year of … More Meet Shirley

Meet the Ormes

John and Emily Orme with their two adorable children, Anna and Noah, recently moved to Aomori to work with Tsugaru Gospel Church.  John is from Northern Ireland  who came to Japan long-term and joined OMF in 2008, and Emily, who is Japanese, joined OMF in 2016. John came on a short-term team in 2004 to … More Meet the Ormes