Master Builder

14379946_1083607901693482_5846352731191819848_oWhy do the people keep coming even though the church building looks more like a construction zone.

14352086_10157585454760195_1219040488884771607_oIs it because the children can freely play? Is it because there are no expectations for “proper” behavior, freeing people to relax and be friendly?

14380073_1083608105026795_439129886951439085_o.jpgAre they excited to see progress and to be part of providing a place where people can find hope and peace? We don’t know, and we intend to keep pushing on to finishing but we rejoice that people are coming.

14362704_1083608095026796_282282167506725519_oWork on a church building takes time, resources and effort to complete. The same can be said for the spiritual work of building a church. Hirosaki Nozomi Church buildings are a work in progress, but we can be reminded by them that the church on earth is a work in progress looking forward to completion by the Master Builder on his return.

Written by Martin and John.


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